Intrapreneurship and Atypical Agile


The new way to improve your company.

There are several reasons to create and support an intrapreneurial program:

  • Remotivate senior employees by promoting their experience and their ideas
  • Go beyond the doctrine of the “management doxa”
  • Allow every employee to be part of the change of the company
  • Reduce the turn over
  • Bring innovation without the cost of an internal research program

That’s a lot of good reasons to push intrapreneurship in your company, but why asking us to help you with this change?

With many years of participation in different student entrepreneurship programs, entrepreneurship coaching and organizational optimization, our intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship specialists will share with you their knowledge and skills via different services:

  • a communication canvas
  • the setup of a full intrapreneurship program in your company
  • a coaching of the intrapreneurial projects
  • a possible merge between these projects and your company’s activities (or the creation of an independent structure in which your company will be a shareholder or a partner)

Now, It’s your turn do help your company to change like Airbus, Engie, Oracle and a so many others have changed to innovate and diversify their activities

Atypical Agile

The Agile methodology is usually represented as a global improvement in the way of managing projects.

But, is agile perfect for innovation and efficiency?

We don’t think so.

We think it’s more than a methodology, it’s a philosophy to bring your company to an open mindset.

With a 10 years of experience in Agile consultancy, we can insure you the model just want to evolve, and we are here to allow it to change.

Our idea, pushing Agile to a more human and innovative model.

Usually, end users are not involved in the project until it’s too late. That’s not fair!

If the users are not involved, how do you want your project to succeed?

Another part of this methodology is to fully empower the team and remove the management as a command & control structure. We consider the team as an internal software development company, not just a project team. Let’s empower your team members to allow them to improve your company.

Mixing the good part of Agile and User experience (UX) with the FINANCIAL INTUITIVE LIBERTY methodology is the best way to make a project successful.

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